Medical Audit

All health care institutions binding minimum requirements of health care quality specification, approved by the Minister of Health 2008-04-29 Order No. V-338.


Requirements aim - to identify key personal health care activities provided health care services to improve the quality of medical audit and internal operating rules.


Health care institutions must be prepared for the following documents: Institutions of health care quality policy and its implementing measures; Organizational and clinical indicators of quality health care process and / or to evaluate the results; Internal audit of medical description of the activities; Annual medical institution's internal audit plan; Collection of information on patients' satisfaction with access to health care and data analysis procedures; Structural units work organization procedure; Medical procedure for filling documents; Patient rights and responsibilities of implementation arrangements; The provision of information about the patient to others and authorities; Patient complaints procedure; Emergency medical aid schemes; and others.


Attorney Modestas Sriubas prepare for health care institutions all documents relating to the establishment of health care quality system.


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